"Working with Oxygen has been a matter of great flexibility, responsiveness and dialogue at eye level. It's always easy for us to reach their staff when we need support." – Jakob Berget, Anti Doping Danmark

Anti Doping Denmark

Nationwide doping inspections are managed through Oxygen intranet

The intranet keeps track of doping inspections

Anti Doping Danmark (ADD) works to fight doping in Denmark. An office of 10 employees run the doping inspections with the assistance of roughly 50 inspectors, who go on visits to elite athletes and fitness centers across the country. ADD's intranet plays an important role in keeping track of inspections, and in enabling employees scattered throughout Denmark to communicate effortlessly. 

Inspections are distributed via intranet

At the ADD headquarters, all tasks are distributed via a custom-made Oxygen intranet solution. New tasks are communicated to inspectors via SMS and e-mail. It is crucial that the intranet can be accessed from many different devices – smartphones, tablets, and PCs – since the inspectors have very different use cases. 

ADD's man in charge of intranet, Jakob Berget, has been part of the process from the inception to the final launch of the intranet. 

– Getting this intranet solution has fundamentally changed how we handle day-to-day planning. It used to be we had to spend relatively long time on planning, and our tools were e-mails and Excel spreadsheets, says Jakob Berget.

– The new intranet has made it much simpler to launch one-off projects; we get faster feedback, and have a much better view of the big picture.

Each inspector has his or her own calendar. Data from visits of inspection is reported directly to the payroll system. 

Facebook Light approach

ADD knew they wanted an intranet solution based on Sitecore – the same tool they used for maintaining three different websites. Several options were in play, but in the end they opted for the

'Facebook Light' approach that is a cornerstone of Oxygen Intranet. 

– An important part of our intranet is knowledge sharing and dialogue. We knew from the start that not everyone wants to write posts on our blogs. So to get more people to participate in the debate, Oxygen Intranet has created a 'Facebook Light' feature, which enables users to like a post. This simple feature has clearly gotten users more involved, says Jakob Berget. 

Need for extra data security on the intranet

ADD stores sensitive data on many elite athletes and fitness centers, which are routinely inspected. Therefore it is of utmost importance that no one can access the data without proper authorization. The need for high security was met in part through a three parameter login, whereby users are sent a unique access code via SMS, which they are required to enter before being granted access. 

Our day-to-day cooperation with Oxygen is clearly characterized by dialogue at eye level.

Jakob Berget, Anti Doping Danmark

Dialogue at eye level

ADD values dialogue at eye level, both with its employees and with its target groups. Therefore they were pleased to find that the people at Oxygen Intranet share those values.

– It's always easy to get a hold of people when we need support. The staff we're in touch with are all flexible, forthcoming, and – yes, prefer dialogue at eye level, even the few times they launch something that hasn't been tested to a 100 percent, says Jakob Berget with a smile.

Read more about Anti Doping Danmark at www.antidoping.dk