"They respond instantly. Anything that can be solved here and now – well, that is solved here and now!" – Bettina Møller, Communications Officer at CFD

CFD – the intuitive intranet

In short time, Oxygen launched a well-functioning intranet for 600 employees.

New intranet boosts knowledge sharing

CFD is Denmark's leading supplier of services for the deaf and hard of hearing. The organization is spread out across 14 different addresses, and has just introduced a standard intranet solution from Oxygen. 

Quick implementation of standard intranet solution

For a number of years, CFD had relied upon a quarterly newsletter to spread internal news to its 600 employees. But time had come to take advantage of improved internal communication and knowledge sharing via intranet. As their intranet, CFD chose Oxygen's standard solution, which can be quickly implemented. The design was adapted to suit CFD's design manual, and web editors and admins were trained for one day at the organization's headquarters in Herlev. 

The intuitive intranet – including video

One requirement was that the intranet had to be easy to use and intuitive for all employees.

– We were very much aware that one of the biggest obstacles to introducing an intranet is to get people to assume ownership of it. So it was important for us to have a system that is easy to use, even if you don't normally spend your day in front of a computer, says Bettina Møller, communications officer at CFD.

– 10 percent of our employees communicate via sign language, so naturally we're happy to have a feature that makes it easy to upload videos. Videos place deaf and hearing employees on the same footing, in terms of communication, since Danish is actually a foreign language to those who are deaf. Each day, more and more of us are contributing to the intranet. Because that's where we get the day-to-day news, where we download important documents, and where we can find co-workers with the skills we need for specific tasks. 

Top-notch cooperation with Oxygen

Bettina Møller is more than pleased with Oxygen's cooperation with her organization.

– The whole process has been run very professionally on Oxygen's part. I'm happy that the staff I've been in touch with always have been able to take my focus on communication and people and transfer it into the confines of tech land, she says.