"The people at Oxygen Software are good at focusing on solutions instead of problems. I like that." – Karen Minke, Communications Officer at Danske Spil

Intranet as Culture Bearer

Oxygen Software has launched a 2nd generation intranet for Danske Spil

The intranet strengthens culture at Danske Spil

Danske Spil is a vibrant organization which, through Lotto and other well-known games, is part of the lives of more than a million Danes each week. The company is in a highly competitive market with intense focus on development. Here, the intranet is seen as an important tool in forming a common culture across services and departments. 

Danske Spil took the temperature of today's intranet

Danske Spil were particularly thorough in preparing for the new intranet. 

– Our eight year old intranet had become obsolete. But before deciding upon a new solution, we conducted extensive research, both internally and externally, says  Karen Minke, communications officer at Danske Spil. 

– We visited several companies that were comparable to us, and we got additional feedback from another 16 high-profile Danish corporations. The conclusion was crystal clear: Our new intranet had to be both a dynamic and inspiring workroom, and it had to serve as culture bearer for our 270 employees across the organization. 

Oxygen Software launched a new intranet in less than a month

To supply their new state-of-the-art intranet, Danske Spil chose Oxygen Software, which was able to deliver a Sitecore solution, where Share Your Knowledge and group room options are standard features. Thanks to the thorough pre-planning, Danske Spil and Oxygen Software were able to take the new intranet live in less than a month. 

– We were particularly happy to have an Oxygen Software employee in our offices for a full week. That turned out to be enormously efficient. Oxygen Software's staff is flexible and responsive, and they have the ability to see solutions instead of problems. I like that, Karen Minke says contentedly, while underlining that the intranet must develop with the needs of the organization. 

Time recording via intranet

An important and time-saving feature is the intranet-based time recording system, which is used by the organization's many IT-developers. To begin with, the time recordings are stored in a database set up for that purpose. Then once a week managers approve the registered times, whereupon the data is sent to Axapta.

Time recording is also integrated with both the AD and Axapta, which syncs employees and projects on a daily basis.