Intranet for The Ministry of Health

Super Simple Intranet

The Danish Ministry of Health wanted an intranet that was super simple and easy to use for both editors and users. Also, they wanted the front page of the intranet to provide easy access to all info on the intranet.

Wanted: Sitecore CMS

The official homepage of the Danish Ministry of Health was based on Sitecore CMS, making Sitecore Intranet Portal the obvious choice.

Internal Branding

The design and structure of the intranet reflects that of the ministry's official website. The intranet isn't exactly a twin of the website, but more likely its brother or sister. This means that the employees feel at home, no matter whether they're on the intranet or the website.

Tailored to Wide Screens

Since all employees at the ministry have large PC screens, the intranet was designed to be viewed on wide screen, giving employees a full overview every morning when they log in.

Costum-Made Features

To ensure a steady flow of news, we developed an easy-to-use "Create New" feature, whereby you could generate new content in a matter of seconds. Fill in two fields (headline and content), click the button, and your news hits the front page!

Clear Information Flow

The information flow is clear and uncluttered. Employees are given relevant information, free of unnecessary information overload and clutter. Employees may also read info from external sources, such as and Infomedia (via RSS and XML technology).