Intranet for Vandcenter Syd

Newly Developed Case and Time Recording System in an Upgraded Sitecore Intranet Portal

Vandcenter Syd was working with an outdated version of the intranet software Sitecore Intranet Portal, which needed an extensive overhaul. At the same time they had a case and time recording system, which needed to be integrated into the intranet. Also, the recording of occupational injuries needed to be integrated with the intranet as well.

Oxygen – Intranet Specialist with a Strong Portfolio

Vandcenter Syd chose Oxygen Software to develop their new intranet. They wanted to work with a solid and credible intranet specialist with a strong portfolio within the utility business.

Access to the Intranet Controlled Centrally by Active Directory

The 170 permanent full-time employees as well as time employees now have easy and flexible access to the intranet. The intranet is integrated with Active Directory, which centrally controls all of the company's access rights. Once an employee has been created in Active Directory, he or she is automatically created as a user of the intranet as well.