Easy, social, mobile and integrated!

Use Oxygen Intranet to share knowledge and cooperate on ideas and documents – at work, at home, and on your smartphone!

Easy and efficient intranet

Oxygen Intranet Portal lets you and your colleagues cooperate across locations, teams, and projects. All the time, your front page keeps you up to date with news and posts from the organization and from your groups.

The world is accessible

You can log on to the intranet securely and simply, whether you’re in the office, on a client visit, or working from home. Your screen view automatically adjusts itself to fit your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Knowledge sharing and cooperation

Oxygen Intranet Portal lets you create new teams and groups in no time. And your co-workers’ data is right at your fingertips. With Oxygen Intranet you can create new teams and groups in no time. And you can find data on relevant colleagues, whom you can invite, in just a few clicks. Share knowledge, spread ideas, ask questions. Like and comment.

Data integration

Oxygen Intranet Portal can be integrated with finance systems, sales systems, payroll systems, and much else. We even offer a single sign-on, so your employees will only need to remember one login for all data.