Special Info for Sitecore Partners

This page is for Sitecore Partners, who wish to acquire a license for Oxygen Intranet based on SitecoreXP 9.0

What Does Oxygen Intranet Do?

Oxygen Intranet is an extension to Sitecore 9, addressing three needs in particular:

Easy. The employee finds the information he is looking for easily and editing is also easily done through the Sitecore Frontend Editing tools.

Mobile. The increased number of tablets and smartphones should also be able to access the intranet. That's why we've developed a new front end of Responsive Webdesign.

Social. Inspired by the revolution in social media, we have created a more vibrant intranet, which will facilitate much more knowledge sharing.

What Does Oxygen Intranet Cost?

The price is €12.000.- for an Oxygen Intranet license. Note that this does not include the Sitecore license. 

The Fine Print

The software is delivered "As is", without any guarantees of any kind, and without adaptation to suit specific needs. Under no circumstances do we accept any liability or any demands for reimbursement or compensation of any kind, no matter what the connection might be to the delivered software. The kit may only be used by one single client, and we must have the full company names of the clients who have purchased the solution.

Get Off To A Good Start!

Let us help your project off to a good start. If you let us access your terminal server, we’ll configure the Oxygen Intranet code. Then, together with you, we’ll go over the structure of your site on a conference call, and you can ask any questions you may have. Price: 7.300 Euro excl. VAT.